Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Angel of Death

Under the old rusty swing where small feet stop and press.
Under the old rusty swing she laid to rest.

The creak of the rusty hinges,
Trembles painfully through her spine.
The warm salty air,
Welts painfully against her skin.
Just remembering the tickles of the dried weed,
Tears rolls sorely against the roughened cheek.

He was her first love.
Her only love.
She trusted him.
She gave him her all.

He robbed her off her innocence.
He raided her pride.
He stripped her off any humanity.
He killed the very soul inside of her.
He was her teacher.
Her uncle.

Her murderer.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hi Silly

I woke up today,
I saw your face,
In a glass tube filled with wires,
You made me smile first thing.

Hi Silly,
I miss you.
Where have you been,
Where did you go?

Hey Silly,
I love you.
Why haven’t you call,
Are you sick of me already?

Oh Silly,
I know you’re busy,
I know things are hectic nowadays,
I’ll always be with you,
I’m always here for you.

No Silly,
I don’t love you that way,
You know how we are,
I just miss you a lot.

Bye Silly,
I hope to see you again soon,
I wish for the time between us could fly by,
Shall we meet again sometime,
I would just take you for selfish self.
I miss you dear…


Friday, July 10, 2009


Cheap words are so damn easy to utter,
So freaking easy to say,
Such hypocrites.
Such fraud.
Those words you said,
Didn’t you yourself do it too?
Wasn’t it you who wanted them?
Are they not YOUR friends?
Stop bickering about them.
Stop spilling bad fucks about them.
They are what you are too.
They are those who helped mould you.
What are these words for?
Or just words to fill the time?
Stupid Hypocrites!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Is all I knew.

Was what you thought me.

Now that you are gone.
Now that you have left.
But I hope you are at peace.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tall, Dark & Angry

Kept thinking of what mom said,
“Do not go out of state”,
Kept smiling at dad’s wisdom thought,
“Listen to your brain, think with your heart”.

Time had passed,
For the thought of how to fit in,
Time has flew,
For the crown to be prom queen.

Hello Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome,
How did you melt the heart of this ice princess?
How did you break the wall of stone surrounding me?
Too short of a time had passed when you went away,
Too little of a time we have spent had created the memories,
Why did you not tell me?
Why do you have to leave?
Why do you have to change me?
Why did you have to be so kind to me, when it was you that needed me?

Then came Mr. Blond Hair, Blue Eyes,
I told you to wait,
I told you to stay back,
Let me heal on my own,
Let me drown in this feeling of alone,
He had told you ,
“You can’t mend this broken China”,
Why do you have to open the bleeding wound?
Why can’t you just leave me alone?

Years later, I kept being pulled by the Tall, Dark Brooder,
Everything about you brings back the memories,
Every inch of you smell like strawberries,
Unlike the rest,
You don’t care if you’re a mess,
Unlike the rest,
You said, “the hell with the test!”.

Mr. Tall, Dark and Angry,
You showed me how to be merry,
You are not alone, silly!